Give yourself the gift of regular massage therapy! Massage is more than a luxury. 

Regular massage is part of a holistic approach to handling the stress and demands of modern life. Massage contributes to increased health and well being. The many benefits of massage are increased with the regular experience of bodywork.

All sessions include Reiki energy, essential oils, hot stones, and warm towels to create an exquisitely blissful and relaxing experience for you to enjoy. Care for yourself with Integrative Healing Arts. 



Betsy Bettencourt CMT, RMT

  Transformative Massage Therapy and Energy Healing 

Facilitating the healing process and sharing joy and peace in the world, one individual at a time. 

Welcome to Integrative Healing Arts! 

My purpose is to serve the planet through touch therapy, one person at a time.  My heartfelt desire is to contribute to a world that honors healing, love, inner peace, health, community, and service to others.  Not only does massage therapy have real health benefits on the physical level, I believe that bodywork is a gateway through which one can explore and cultivate a loving, aware, and patient relationship with the self and the world on a spiritual level.  When we are able to care for ourselves, we are then able to offer this presence and love to others in all aspects of life.  In this way, through moment by moment loving presence and attention to what is, we change our world.  

To this end, my goal is to offer the space for my clients to feel safe, at peace, nurtured, and able to reach a state of deep relaxation.  When we enter a state of utmost relaxation, we are able to heal on deep levels of our being. This deep state of relaxation and conscious stillness allows healing to permeate all aspects of our being- body, mind and soul, often shifting patterns of tension that ordinary conscious awareness does not touch.  

My intention is to offer therapeutic techniques that are effective at treating areas of muscular pain, tension and congestion in the physical body, as well as more subtle, gentle techniques that cultivate a sensitivity to and awareness of the energetic body.  In this way, I offer a style of massage that is integrative and holistic, weaving together several different modalites into one session.  I offer a professional, calm, non-judgmental, loving presence for all clients.  

California State Certified Massage Therapist, CAMTC #35172 

Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher


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